Ten Reasons to be Happy | Vol. 4

This whole post every day for July is getting harder and harder as the month ends. I’m practically running on fumes! My ideas aren’t as good as I want them to be. The weather isn’t cooperating too! I’m feeling lazier by the minute and the last thing I want is to conceptualize a blog post, proofread it, and post it. Even if that’s what I’m feeling, I still think there are ten reasons to be happy!

  1. I’m getting better at cooking. I’m also gaining more confidence in trying out different recipes. Last weekend, I tried cooking beef. It was my first time to cook it. I was a little worried that the beef might not be tender. The meal turned out okay and my husband loves it!
  2. I’ve also been baking! We finally used the oven thrice. I’ve burnt cookies twice, lol, but I’ve also managed to prepare lunch one time. I guess it’s still a good success percentage? I honestly think baking isn’t worth it though. I feel like we’re wasting gas. Maybe I should only bake once a month, just to be practical.
  3. We finally finished going through our wedding pictures! We’ve sent it to the photographer and hopefully, he still remembers us. It’s been five months since our wedding and we just finished this task, lol.
  4. We got a Dyson! Getting a Dyson was the best investment we’ve ever made. We practically fight over who should use it next, lol. I know it’s expensive but before you even say something, we don’t even have a lot of appliances (only the essentials) and our home is practically empty (again, only the essentials). I’m going to stop justifying buying it now.
  5. We also got this amazing mop. It’s this mop where you can change the accessory? It can be a mop, a brush, a mop but with a microfiber on the end? I don’t know if that explains it well but it’s a mop that can be anything we want it to be. Our old mop didn’t even last 3 months! We left it outside (not in direct sunlight) and the next thing we know the handle broke.
  6. Ever since seeing Winnie Wong’s How To Be Basic series on YouTube, I’ve been on the lookout for pouches. I honestly wanted her pouches (from The Daily Edited) but those cost $80 easily, so no thank you. What I wanted next was transparent ones just so I can easily see what’s inside. I found pouches from beabi for only 595 PHP which is a steal. I’m happy about this because now I have an organized bag. I don’t need it but having an orderly bag makes me feel very adult-like.
  7. I am so happy to be part of a global company that supports K-12. Our company just announced that they are now accepting applicants even if they just finished senior high. Technically speaking, they still might not get the best jobs but this is still an opportunity for them. It is still a chance to work for a big company and if your performance is good enough, doors and windows will be opened. I promise!
  8. My marriage. This is going to sound cheesy as ever, but my goodness, it feels so good to be married to my partner. He uplifts, encourages, support, and keeps me happy. I am indeed so lucky. He was definitely worth the wait.
  9. I AM LIVING FOR THIS SHAWARMA MY HUSBAND BOUGHT HOME FOR ME!!!! I texted him that I wanted a pasalubong and I wanted it to be a surprise, lol. He just arrived and it’s my favorite shawarma. I’m a sucker for food!!!
  10. Being alive. Life is good and if you think that that’s not a good enough reason to be happy, you need to take a minute. 😉

Okay, that’s it. I’m going to eat now. If you ever feel sad or confused or lonely or even happy, creating a list of ten reasons to be happy does help. 🙂


Ten Reasons to be Happy | Vol. 3

I’ll be honest. Today, I don’t feel like working. I don’t have cases to work on (which is great) and it has sucked me into this black hole called WordPress. I have been commenting, scheduling, and drafting posts since 8AM. I feel productive. This is the kind of work that gets me going. This is also the kind of work that doesn’t pay the bills if you don’t sell a part of your soul. I have no immediate plans of selling myself to consumerism so I’m going to enjoy my work today by working on my blog. 🙂

Ten Reasons to be Happy | Vol. 2

I’ll be honest. This post was supposed to be up a couple of days ago. I resisted hitting the publish button because the things on the list weren’t really making me happy. The things on that list were half-assed attempts at trying to be happy. Today, November 17th, I feel better and legitimately happier. Here are ten reasons why!