This or that tag

Another day, another tag. I found another one from Jenny in Jenny in Neverland. This time I try to choose one from two options. Let's see what happens. Shower in the morning or in the evening? Mornings, mostly. I have to go to work every weekday and the only time I shower in the evening… Continue reading This or that tag


The bookshelf tag

Today's tag is brought to you by Emma over at A Dreamer's Library. I just wanted to answer a book related tag. I'm thinking of giving myself a reading challenge for 2019. Do you have any good reading challenges? Or maybe I should just challenge myself to one book a month? How many bookshelves do… Continue reading The bookshelf tag

Three Quotes

I was nominated by Lourie months ago to do the three quotes, three days challenge. In typical Kat fashion, it took me a long time before doing this tags. And in typical Kat fashion again, I won't be following the rules. I'll only be sharing three quotes in a single post and won't be tagging… Continue reading Three Quotes