15 Ways to Cut Down Your Daily Expenses

After analyzing my April Money Diaries, I have come to the conclusion that 80% of the time, I'm pretty financially savvy. I can cut back here and there but I also have that tendency to splurge on myself when I want to. I wouldn't say I'm at the peak of my money game. But I… Continue reading 15 Ways to Cut Down Your Daily Expenses


Finance Talk: 7 Simple ways to cut down your daily expenses

Remember that time I told you that I had so much fun writing down Finance stuff? Here's an extra Finance post to start your Saturdays! * * * * * Let me start this post by saying I am guilty of over spending every single day. Even if I have a weekly and daily budget,… Continue reading Finance Talk: 7 Simple ways to cut down your daily expenses

Financial Talk: More than what meets the eye

Budgeting and saving money is only half the deal. The real way to be financially successful is by growing your money and finding ways to have passive income. I will not act like an expert but instead I will share what I do to wisely grow my money. 1. Invest Depending on where you are… Continue reading Financial Talk: More than what meets the eye

Finance Talk: Tips this Holiday Season

It's my most dreaded time of the year. Financially that is! A little unknown fact about me, ever since I had a credit card I always end up being in debt for the first quarter (okay maybe half) of the next year. That means I waste months of potential savings just to pay off my Christmas/Holiday… Continue reading Finance Talk: Tips this Holiday Season