Food, A Collection | Vol. 8

It's been a hot minute since I've last shared with you a food collection. The mister and I seldom go out on dates nowadays and mainly prefer staying home and cooking our own food. If we ever do go out, we mostly eat junk/fast food. That's what my life is right now! I actually prefer… Continue reading Food, A Collection | Vol. 8


Food, A Collection | Vol. 4

I always try to be the best all-around blogger out there but I'm going to admit it. I have a stock of food pictures on my phone for a supposed to be food review but absolutely no energy to write about it. I find writing about food (nowadays, especially) so taxing. I always end up… Continue reading Food, A Collection | Vol. 4

Yellowcab’s Craft Pizzas // Eastwood Eats

It was one of those days when Mike and I decided we wanted to eat something heavier than usual. I suggested we eat at Yellowcab. Yellowcab is a fast food chain that offers primarily pizza but they also have pastas, chicken and sides. They certainly sell great pizza and what's best is they are open… Continue reading Yellowcab’s Craft Pizzas // Eastwood Eats

Recipe: Banana Nutella Sandwich

The inspiration: Project Pie's Banana Nutella Pizza. I had the pleasure of eating this once and it was amazing! I love the whole presentation and taste of this and decided I can make my own version. What you'll need: Bread (I had white bread but if you are health buffs I bet wheat would be… Continue reading Recipe: Banana Nutella Sandwich