Visual Diary: Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines

My boyfriend grew up in Marinduque province, that’s about 221 kilometers away from Manila. It has always been a fun fact of his that he has never, not even once, set foot in Rizal Park (or any of the historic sites in Manila). Continue reading “Visual Diary: Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines”

Visual Diary: National Museum of Fine Arts, Philippines

I don’t know much about art. The only people that have opened my eyes about art are Tricia Gosingitan, she loves goings to museums when traveling, and T.O.P from Big Bang, he BUYS artworks all the time. I didn’t understand what they hype was about. Imagine my surprise when I went to the National Museum of Fine Arts and LOVED it.Continue reading “Visual Diary: National Museum of Fine Arts, Philippines”

Visual Diary: Ilocos Norte

I was taken on a whirlwind adventure in Ilocos Norte. This place is truly amazing. It also proudly boasts of a family that most Filipinos disapprove of. I went there with open eyes and saw a beautiful place filled with rich history and love for its motherland. Come take a look.Continue reading “Visual Diary: Ilocos Norte”