Happy Frieday!

Happy Frieday everyone! How is everyone this week? My week was okay. There isn’t anything worth celebrating except for the fact that the week just breezed through. Anyway, today I’m sharing some fried shots for Friday. The concept for this was just to capture the food in a dramatic way. Not sure if I did any justice to it. I just mainly took photos and hoped it will look appetizing. I used my camera for this in manual mode. 


July Photo Challenge | Day 15

Here is my entry to Day 15 of Maria’s daily photo challenge. The theme is relax. I don’t know about you but rain relaxes me. It also makes me feel extremely lazy. It has been raining since last week. We don’t get the sun for a whole day. It’s affecting my mood and productivity. Here’s my attempt at trying to jump back into the photography scene. I hope you enjoy some of my rain shots.

This one I took on manual setting. The goal was to capture the rain drops.
I took this one using my mobile phone. I was going for that bokeh effect.

For my fellow Filipinos, stay dry! I’m hoping the rain stops soon. 🙂

July Photo Challenge | Day 9

Here is my entry to Day 9 of Maria’s daily photo challenge. The theme is iced tea. For this one, I wanted to practice with the shutter speed. I also played around with my camera settings and learned how to take burst shots! The concept I had was to capture how iced tea is made. I hope I gave it justice.