Food, A Collection | Vol. 6 – Japan

When we went to Japan last year, the one thing Mike and I were truly excited about was the food. We are big fans of Japanese food and we had high expectations for what our stomachs were about to experience. We had a daily budget for food and we weren't scared of splurging once in… Continue reading Food, A Collection | Vol. 6 – Japan


Japan 2017: Universal Studios Japan

Harry Potter is the only reason why I wanted to go here! I've been a major Potter-head since forever and one of my main goals for this trip was to see Hogwarts and taste butterbeer. I was very much excited to experience everything here but a little advice, you should definitely skip the 3D rides.… Continue reading Japan 2017: Universal Studios Japan

Japan 2017: Osaka Castle

We arrived at Narita Airport at six in the morning. After having breakfast at McDonald's (yes, I know, not the best choice) and getting our JR Passes, we headed to Osaka. To get to Osaka from Narita Airport, we had to ride the Narita Express and the Shinkansen. Total travel time was a little under… Continue reading Japan 2017: Osaka Castle