Three Quotes

I was nominated by Lourie months ago to do the three quotes, three days challenge. In typical Kat fashion, it took me a long time before doing this tags. And in typical Kat fashion again, I won’t be following the rules. I’ll only be sharing three quotes in a single post and won’t be tagging anybody. That means anyone can do the tag! Yes, that includes you! 😉


Five Things To Do Less Often

We are all guilty of doing things that don’t add value to our life. Sometimes we do these things out of habit while sometimes, we do these things because society dictates us to. We do these things because it has become the norm when in reality we could stop doing it and nobody would even notice.

Minimalism Dreams

It has been ages since I last wrote about my quest to become a minimalist! So, I don’t blame you guys if you completely forgot about it. It has been a steady ride so far and I am totally enjoying the journey that I decided to give you guys an update and try to inspire you to check minimalism out.