Let’s have coffee | August 2018

Hey, guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last posted something here. After the whole one post a day thing last July, I was too burnt out to try and write anything. Actually, I still am! I don’t think I have it in me yet to write again but I wouldn’t know if I wouldn’t try, right? 


2018 Mid-year Photo Dump

I didn’t mean for my last post to be about influencers and blogging and then stop posting. That was just the last thing on my mind before I decided to take a break from writing and focus on life. I wouldn’t say my break was long enough but it was long enough for me to conceptualize a post, edit photos, and hit the publish button. The fruit is a collection of photographs I’ve kept on my phone over the last couple of months.


This overpriced 5-star hotel is where we decided to spend our last night of being single. I’ve never splurged on anything as much as I have splurged on this. It sort of was a going away gift for my family and a welcome to my new family. I probably would never set foot in this hotel again (okay, maybe in a couple of years) because my wallet still has a hole from it.Photo dump-01

Photo dump-02


Mike and I spent a lot of time in Tagaytay back when we were dating. Of course, we found it fitting to spend some quality time in a city we both love after getting married. We went to all the usual places (because there’s really not a lot to see here) and watched the sunset. Photo dump-03

Photo dump-04

Photo dump-05

Taal Volcano will never get old. Photo dump-06

Photo dump-07

Photo dump-08


I’ve never been a fan of sunsets but I’m seeing a lot lately. I’m starting to see it’s charm but I still prefer sunrises. Sunrises remind me of new beginnings and the endless possibilities a day could bring. Which of the two do you prefer?Photo dump-09

Photo dump-11


I didn’t even remember taking this picture. Have you been to Tondo? There’s always this scary notion about that place, but honestly, it’s true, lol. It has its own charm, though. You just have to look past what your eyes can see. I know since both my parents came from there.Photo dump-10

What have you been up to lately?