I usually have a lot of things to say when I post stuff on my blog. This time around, I don’t think I have any other than Omakase is an amazing restaurant and their food is superb. I highly recommend the Dynamite Roll, Salmon Sashimi (super fresh), and Seafood Dumpling. Okay, enough chit-chat, let the pictures do the talking! Continue reading Omakase

Reviews: Tokyo Bubble Tea // Eastwood Eats

Tokyo Bubble Tea is one of those places I try to avoid because it is expensive. However, Mike and I gave in since I was craving for some Japanese food. Blame it on PMS.

Ambience: The whole place is very light and inviting. It has a bright interior filled surrounded by glass. One thing I loved most about it is the Japanese style seating they have outside. Unfortunately, Mike and I didn’t try it since it was for smokers.

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Review: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

I love Ramen!

Ever since Mike introduced me to everything Japanese I began to appreciate their cuisine more. What I love most about their food is, obviously, ramen. Now, I know most restaurants claim they serve authentic Japanese ramen but I can’t really say because I haven’t been to Japan to taste the real thing. Hopefully, soon!! However, you can’t go wrong with Ramen Santouka!!! Just one taste and you’ll think you are transported to Japan.

Ambience: We got the chance to try Ramen Santouka over at their branch at Eastwood City. The look and feel of their their place was very cozy and inviting. It was perfect for a setting for a bowl of ramen..and more.

santouka menu

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