Japan 2020

For the first time since 2017, our Japan trip was one we shared with other people. We decided to experience Hokkaido in winter along with some friends. This whole trip took a year to be finalized and a number of reschedules. It was a great trip that started with a missed flight.

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Dotonbori, Osaka 2018

We ended our Japan 2018 trip at Dotonbori. We picked a hotel not far from this area which meant we had time to see it at night and day. To be honest, by this point of our trip, my energy to take photos has waned down which is why I only got a few decent photos and most of them are of Ichiran.

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Mt. Rokko, Kobe 2018

We dedicated a whole day for Kobe while making our itinerary but on that specific day I was having stomach issues which meant we had to go back to the hotel as soon as we got out. We decided to rest half of the day and head out to Kobe after lunch. This meant we weren’t able to try Kobe beef (it was expensive and we miscalculated our pocket money for this trip, lol) and walk around the touristy and port areas. The only place we were able to visit was Mt. Rokko.

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