Cooking Diaries | Vol. 14 – Baked Chicken Pesto

I've seen this recipe around Pinterest for the longest time. I wasn't too keen on trying it out before since we didn't have a working oven. Now that an oven is not a problem for me, I tried it out.┬áThe recipe is extremely easy to do and follow. You'll also only need a few things… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 14 – Baked Chicken Pesto


Cooking Diaries | Vol. 13 – Pininyahang Manok

I'm not a fan of sweet food so pininyahang manok is definitely not on top of my list. But by some magical moment, I suddenly craved for this. I got the recipe off an app called Filipino Food. The original recipe made use of patis but I didn't use that since I don't like the… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 13 – Pininyahang Manok

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 4 – FAILS!!

I know I've just been sharing with you the good stuff but in reality, there were a lot of failures along the way. I could count the number of times I'd have to force myself to eat what I cooked just because it didn't fit my taste. There were also times my husband had to… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 4 – FAILS!!

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 3 – Kimchi Rice

This week was a funny one. I started the whole cooking thing on a high. I successfully made Nilagang Baboy (tasted super good and no MSG or whatever too) and then went on a downward spiral no thanks to my husband's insensitivity. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal but I was having PMS… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 3 – Kimchi Rice