Food, A Collection | Vol. 10

I’m sharing with you some of the meals we’ve had since my last update. It’s not a lot and not all the meals were worth it but I hope you still enjoy my little food collection.


Cooking Diaries | Vol. 14 – Baked Chicken Pesto

I’ve seen this recipe around Pinterest for the longest time. I wasn’t too keen on trying it out before since we didn’t have a working oven. Now that an oven is not a problem for me, I tried it out. The recipe is extremely easy to do and follow.

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 13 – Pininyahang Manok

I’m not a fan of sweet food so pininyahang manok is definitely not on top of my list. But by some magical moment, I suddenly craved for this. I got the recipe off an app called Filipino Food. The original recipe made use of patis but I didn’t use that since I don’t like the smell. I also skipped the pickles cause 1) I don’t like it and 2) I don’t have it, lol.

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 4 – FAILS!!

I know I’ve just been sharing with you the good stuff but in reality, there were a lot of failures along the way. I could count the number of times I’d have to force myself to eat what I cooked just because it didn’t fit my taste. There were also times my husband had to say it tasted nice even when his face says otherwise. He’s been kind and extremely supportive as I figure out the whole cooking situation!