Cooking Diaries | Vol. 15 – Baked Salmon

I was going through some of my Cooking Diaries and saw the Volume 11 which featured Baked Salmon. I wanted to recreate it since salmon is my husband's favorite fish (wow, yaman) and once in a while, we do allow ourselves to indulge with this expensive fish. Similarly to the Baked Chicken Pesto, this dish is… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 15 – Baked Salmon


Cooking Diaries | Vol. 9

The husband and I are both introverts. Ever since we moved into our own place, we seldom go out on dates. I know how boring that sounds but we just enjoy staying at home and not having to deal with other people. That's why when we crave for certain meals we've eaten before, we just… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 9

Recipe: Steamed Fish // My Style

This is one of the few things I did that I can truly be proud of. I made steamed fish topped with vegetables cooked in sweet soy sauce. I know the title is a mouthful but believe me, the only reason why the name is too long is because I don't know what to call it.… Continue reading Recipe: Steamed Fish // My Style