Cooking Diaries | Vol. 16 – Tortang Talong FAIL!

I said I wanted to add more veggies in my life. I saw tortang talong in our office cafeteria and thought to myself, easy. I asked my husband if he'd like for us to try this and he said yes, lol. I honestly thought it was easy and straightforward but I underestimated this dish or… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 16 – Tortang Talong FAIL!


Belo Sun Expert: Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen

I loved the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen but I wanted to challenge myself. I decided my next sunscreen should be from a Filipino brand. I saw this once on Laureen Uy's videos and I just thought, why not? Get superior sun protection plus that flawless no-makeup look every day. Use alone for… Continue reading Belo Sun Expert: Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 3 – Kimchi Rice

This week was a funny one. I started the whole cooking thing on a high. I successfully made Nilagang Baboy (tasted super good and no MSG or whatever too) and then went on a downward spiral no thanks to my husband's insensitivity. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal but I was having PMS… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 3 – Kimchi Rice

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 2

There was this expo we attended where they gave away tons of the powdered version of gata (coconut milk). I happily brought those with me when we moved. This cooking diary features two recipes made with it. I wouldn't recommend the product to you since it has MSG. (I'm not a firm believer of this… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 2