Love/Hate Tag

Hi everyone! I was tagged by the amazing Janice over at The Simple Beginner for the Love/Hate tag. Check out her answers here. I always have a hard time doing these tags/awards because of the nominations at the end. I follow a lot of lovely bloggers and hand-picking a few always gives me a hard time. 😦 Can’t I just nominate all of you?

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Review: Outback Steakhouse

I know Sundays are reserved for restaurant/food reviews but this Sunday will be different because Outback Steakhouse doesn’t need a review.

This is a place we don’t eat at often because of the price of food here. It is out of our budget. However, me and Mike decided to try it out and see if the price was worth it.


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Recipe: Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Let me just say that I have the most supportive mom ever! She found out that I was trying to prepare my own breakfast for work and she went all out in helping me prepare it and even paid for everything! Yey for moms!

I got inspiration from Pinterest and made Ham and Cheese (and Lettuce) Sandwhich this week.

The ingredients are pretty simple – ham, cheese, and lettuce. Just layer them over one another in between toasted bread. Totally yummy and so easy to prepare.


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Review: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

I love Ramen!

Ever since Mike introduced me to everything Japanese I began to appreciate their cuisine more. What I love most about their food is, obviously, ramen. Now, I know most restaurants claim they serve authentic Japanese ramen but I can’t really say because I haven’t been to Japan to taste the real thing. Hopefully, soon!! However, you can’t go wrong with Ramen Santouka!!! Just one taste and you’ll think you are transported to Japan.

Ambience: We got the chance to try Ramen Santouka over at their branch at Eastwood City. The look and feel of their their place was very cozy and inviting. It was perfect for a setting for a bowl of ramen..and more.

santouka menu

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Recipe: Tuna Spread

I admit, part of why I am eating healthier is because of all the bad choices I made when it comes to what I eat. This week, I challenged myself to lessen my junkfood intake. That means, try my hardest to just eat one processed meal a day. Which brings me to “my quest for healthier food.”

Here’s the gist, I only eat two meals a day. One heavy one and one lighter one with nothing but water and light snacks in between. I usually eat out, meaning everything that goes in my body is cooked by other people with God knows what ingredients. This is a big part of the problem. I believe half of the reason why I became fat is because I didn’t understand what I was eating.

I had to try and change this.

So I made my own spread – Tuna spread.

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