Creating New Habits & Sticking to It!

Part of my Dirty 30 is a 130lb weight goal. This is a very difficult goal since I am not a very active person. To be able to successfully accomplish this goal, I know that I need to have an effective exercise habit. It’s foolproof, add more exercise in your life and you’ll surely end up… Continue reading Creating New Habits & Sticking to It!


Kat’s 5 Steps on How to Cope with Negativity

Professionally, 2015 was my lowest year. I was full of bad energy because I got jealous of my officemates who got promoted. It’s not my proudest moment but I’m glad I went through it. It made me a different person, a better person. I would like to share with you how I coped with negativity… Continue reading Kat’s 5 Steps on How to Cope with Negativity

I lost faith, hope, and love for God

Being born and raised here in the Philippines, there aren't a lot of religions open for you. Most of us here are Roman Catholics by birth and not by choice. I was raised to believe God, Jesus Christ, Mary, and all the other saints. I accepted it whole-heartedly until one fateful day eight years ago. The… Continue reading I lost faith, hope, and love for God