Book Reviews 2019

The problem with me and with reading books is if there’s a book that I disliked, I stop reading for a while. This is exactly what happened to me this quarter. I still managed to read three books and I’m still way ahead of my Goodreads challenge but it’s a bit disappointing since I still think reading is the best past time there is.

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Shows I’ve Watched Lately

Welcome to another “Shows I’ve Watched Lately” post. As you all know, the telly is my escape and here is quarter one’s list. Most of the shows are from Netflix. We don’t have cable TV since our condo doesn’t allow standalone cables yet. We only have the skycable bundle or cignal option but my lola-ass wants a landline phone (anyone else still has this?). I find landlines essential and a cheaper option for when you need to harass call customer service or order take out. Ah well, here’s the list.

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