Food, A Collection | Vol. 10

I’m sharing with you some of the meals we’ve had since my last update. It’s not a lot and not all the meals were worth it but I hope you still enjoy my little food collection.


Food, A Collection | Vol. 9

This collection has been waiting to be shared to the world for months now. It has been delayed for so long that I honestly can’t remember what the meals are called. I do remember where we ate them. (I’m the worst blogger, lol. I’m cleaning out my dropbox and decided to share these pictures even if there is no story behind it.) Anyway, I hope you salivate over these pictures!

TGI Fridays

Tenya (OUR FAVE)

Classic Savory

Food, A Collection | Vol. 8

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last shared with you a food collection. The mister and I seldom go out on dates nowadays and mainly prefer staying home and cooking our own food. If we ever do go out, we mostly eat junk/fast food. That’s what my life is right now! I actually prefer it since we get to control what we eat. Anyways, here is a simple collection of the food we’ve been eating when we dine out.

Food, A Collection | Vol. 7

Hi, guys. I’m sharing with you a collection of photos of all the places the mister and I have been enjoying even if we were trying to save money. Date night (or lunch or breakfast) is always a good idea regardless of what’s happening in our lives! I honestly doubt if any of this food will make you drool but don’t let the simplicity of these viands fool you. It’s still top quality.