Leef iBridge Mobile Memory

When I was upgrading my phone I made the mistake of choosing the 16GB iPhone instead of the 64GB or more ones. This proved to be such a problem because as you all know, you’re not really getting 16GB, you’re getting less than that! In no time, your memory will be down to less than… Continue reading Leef iBridge Mobile Memory


Review: A1 Driving School, Philippines

It was this year when I decided to finally enroll myself in a driving school and aim to get that driving license. I was scared out of my wits but it’s a skill I know I needed to have. My younger brother, who got his license years ago, told me about his dissatisfaction with Socialites… Continue reading Review: A1 Driving School, Philippines

Review: Garmin’s Vivofit2

This week's review will be pretty different because I'll be reviewing the Garmin Vivofit2!  One of the side goals of cooking my own food is losing weight and I knew early on that I had to add exercise in my life. As much as I tried, however, I just couldn't fit exercise in my schedule.… Continue reading Review: Garmin’s Vivofit2