Nara Park, Nara 2018

I love Nara Park. I love how big it is and how there’s deer, food, gardens and temples around it. You can sit in one corner and still be amazed by what you see and experience.

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Japan 2017: Kofokuji Temple, Nara

Our last stop for our Nara tour was Kofokuji Temple. To be completely honest, at this point of our tour, we were so tired we just wanted to go home and have a hot foot soak. It was drizzling non-stop the whole day, we almost lost our only umbrella, and we had a mini argument. It was chaotic, to say the least. We just wanted to rest. But you’re only in Japan once (or you only get to be a first-time tourist in Japan once) and we wanted to really see everything. We just winged it. We put one foot in front of the other and found ourselves at Kofokuji Temple. Continue reading “Japan 2017: Kofokuji Temple, Nara”