Formula One Singapore 2013

My dad used to watch Formula One religiously. Thanks to him, I have a fondness for this sport. Back in 2013, I was lucky enough to watch my first Grand Prix. In fact, I was extremely lucky because I won a pair of passes for the Thursday Pit Lane experience. During the pit lane experience,… Continue reading Formula One Singapore 2013


Cooking Diaries | Vol. 18 – November Series

Back in November, I cooked Chicken Curry and Pork Salpicao. I only saw the pictures again recently. I'm too lazy to write a full in-depth recipe (and honestly I can't remember how I made these or how it tasted). Here are the photos and a version of the recipe. Chicken Curry By the looks of… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 18 – November Series

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 16 – Tortang Talong FAIL!

I said I wanted to add more veggies in my life. I saw tortang talong in our office cafeteria and thought to myself, easy. I asked my husband if he'd like for us to try this and he said yes, lol. I honestly thought it was easy and straightforward but I underestimated this dish or… Continue reading Cooking Diaries | Vol. 16 – Tortang Talong FAIL!