Cooking Diaries | Vol. 14 – Baked Chicken Pesto

I’ve seen this recipe around Pinterest for the longest time. I wasn’t too keen on trying it out before since we didn’t have a working oven. Now that an oven is not a problem for me, I tried it out. The recipe is extremely easy to do and follow.


Cooking Diaries | Vol. 13 – Pininyahang Manok

I’m not a fan of sweet food so pininyahang manok is definitely not on top of my list. But by some magical moment, I suddenly craved for this. I got the recipe off an app called Filipino Food. The original recipe made use of patis but I didn’t use that since I don’t like the smell. I also skipped the pickles cause 1) I don’t like it and 2) I don’t have it, lol.

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 12 – Adobo sa Asin

I was going to cook my favorite adobo when a thought occurred to me that there are a million ways to cook adobo. I went to Pinterest typed in adobo and a whole new adobo world was opened to me. My husband and I decided to try the adobo sa asin first because the picture looked yummy. 

Cooking Diaries | Vol. 11 – Date Night

Get ready to feast on the biggest and baddest date night meal I ever prepared. There wasn’t any occasion. I just wanted to go the extra mile and prepare something out of the ordinary for my husband and me. The food I prepared is asparagus wrapped in bacon, baked salmon, my attempt at aglio olio with sausage, and refrigerated cake.