Salamat, 2019

2019 was a wild ride. If I was tasked to use one word to describe or define it, it would be career. I’ve never been one of those people who focuses on their work and let life revolve around it. I’ve been pretty average my whole life and I liked it that way. That’s why this year was such a new experience for me.

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Salamat, 2017!

2017 is truly a year to be thankful. It was a year of firsts. The biggest firsts always revolved around my dad – the first New Year without him, the first Father’s Day without one, his 53rd birthday with no actual celebration, the first All Soul’s day celebrated in a memorial park, his first year since passing. This year was a year of firsts – a year without him. This year was all about accepting this painful truth and learning to move on while not forgetting him. It is still a learning process. It is still difficult. It still hurts. I know the pain won’t go away anytime soon but I hope he doesn’t get to feel this pain and he is somewhere peaceful. Continue reading “Salamat, 2017!”