Thoughts while I’m procrastinating

I still have to work. Actually, I can skip it but I’m pushing myself instead since I want to make sure the team didn’t mess up tonight. While I’m finding motivation to check on that, here are some things on my mind.


Low Buy – Empties 2019

I’m the type of skincare enthusiast that will buy everything new in the market. I have to have the latest K-beauty product or trend. That’s just me. I work hard, I shop hard. But last 2018, it was a challenge for me to do this. After getting married and sharing my finances with my partner, I realized I might have a problem. That’s why I decided to partake in this challenge shared by Rae. It’s called the low buy challenge.

31-day let’s eat less food die-yet | Update #2

I’ve been busy is an understatement. I haven’t really exercised. All I’ve really done is lessen my food intake. The stress at work often catches up to me and during those days…I cheat. I really, really cheat.

I’d cheat and then I’d hate myself for it. The last two weeks have been like that. It has become a vicious cycle and I’m not proud of myself. Last week started off strong, I went to the grocery and bought healthy ingredients and snacks. I even stayed away from the chips aisle – which I casually visit but always end up leaving with a bag or two. It was a proud moment but not all good planned things go smoothly.

Work, work, and work has really been tough. I know I said it was going to take the back seat but my manager is on leave and all the weight of her job is on my shoulders. I honestly thought it was going to be easy, but boy I was wrong. I’ve been trying my best but most days I just cheat and regret.

Do you see it? I only have three home-cooked meals out of nine photos. I did try to make up for it by walking more. According to Takashi in ‘Afterdark’, “Walk slowly; drink lots of water.

Pretty decent averages, right? My goal is to hit 10,000 steps every work day.

In the weight department, I’m not proud to say that I have only maintained my weight. I’m still giving myself a pat on the back because despite all the stress, I still haven’t gained a pound. It’s not something to be proud of yet but it’s still a start.

My real problem is getting my grove and confidence back. I think once I have those back, losing weight might be easier. I’m already mid-way through the month and I still have nothing to show for. Help me.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash