On being sustainable

There's this sustainability movement going on. I wouldn't say I am 100% on board but learning and reading more about it has opened my eyes and has made me more conscious of the things I bring into and take out of my life. I'm not a pro but here are some tips I am practicing… Continue reading On being sustainable


Three Quotes

I was nominated by Lourie months ago to do the three quotes, three days challenge. In typical Kat fashion, it took me a long time before doing this tags. And in typical Kat fashion again, I won't be following the rules. I'll only be sharing three quotes in a single post and won't be tagging… Continue reading Three Quotes

Inspiring Reads About Minimalism

It's been a hot minute since I last wrote about my quest to become a minimalist. Lately, I've been having thoughts about how it has affected me in a number of ways. It has gotten to a point where not only does it affect the way I look at things but it has also changed… Continue reading Inspiring Reads About Minimalism

On Influencers and Blogging

I previously had this long draft post about influencers. The whole point of the blog post was there are some who just live their lives, influencing others, even if they aren't really influencing others for the better. There they are just influencing people, the youth to be specific, about curating perfect lives and throwing everything… Continue reading On Influencers and Blogging