I’ll be thirty in a little over two years.

I can’t believe it myself! It sounds so weird when I say the number out loud. It makes me wonder where my youth went and how did time fly by so fast. It worries me that I still don’t know if I have the right job or if I have the right partner or where exactly my life is going! The tension is high but I’m happy and excited about every adventure life is taking me. Following this positive outlook on life, I have made a list of thirty things I want to do before I hit 30.

  1. Work abroad
  2. Travel more! Go to Europe or Japan or South Korea –> Went to Japan!
  3. Get a driver’s license and learn how to drive –> Done! Read my review and experience.
  4. Buy own house or condominium –> We’re moving this 2018!
  5. Get published! –> Done! Read here
  6. Go to Mindanao.
  7. Gain at least 20% in the stock market –> Done! At a point, I was 50% up 
  8. Start a business
  9. Go to a casino.
  10. Weigh at least 130 lbs (ideal weight for my height) and maintain it. –> I am officially at my weight goal. Read here and here
  11. Volunteer again
  12. Donate old clothes –> Done! I donated a ton of stuff at Caritas Manila
  13. Join a run –> Done! I joined one last February. 711 5k Run!
  14. Get married –> Done 2-18
  15. Grow/Maintain a plant (and not kill it) –> Done. All my plants are dead.
  16. Make own pasta from scratch
  17. Go Canyoneering
  18. Wear a bikini
  19. Jump of a cliff…again!
  20. Swim with either a whale shark or see a sea turtle up close
  21. Go whitewater rafting
  22. Start a fire without matches
  23. Design own website –> Done and failed. Hahahaha.
  24. Go on a cruise
  25. Be either a red head or a blondie!
  26. Eat at a celebrity chef’s restaurant
  27. Confidently and properly put on makeup –> I can already do this but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I don’t like it. 😛
  28. Create a passive income –> I invest in the stock market.  Read here
  29. Go wine tasting!
  30. Bake something!

Those are my top 30 goals and I know I can list a few more but I’m strictly keeping at thirty for the meantime.

*Last updated 3/4/2018