Shows I’ve Watched Lately

To be honest, this post will be more like shows I’ve watched lately but didn’t end up finishing cause I got tired of it midway. I’ve just been extra picky with everything. I always seem to end up nitpicking books, shows, and movies the past few months – not completely sure if that’s my hormones or I’m slowly growing out of K-Dramas.

Was It Love

I really liked this series when I started watching it. I even binged watch up to episode six. I really liked how strong the leading lady was being portrayed initially. Single moms are often looked down on in society but the show showed a mom who worked hard to provide a good life for her child. She’s so hardworking she got into some trouble and that’s where it all went downhill for me.

As the title suggests, the plot is basically asking its viewers was the attention she received from the men in her life love. It was interesting to see the different kinds of love/attention she got her entire life but what disappointed me the most about this series is what I saw as strength was portrayed as a weakness as the story developed. An example of this was, she decided not to introduce to her child her father. It later seemed like she didn’t introduce the father because she was still in love with him and not because they didn’t need him like it was earlier portrayed.

Lastly, the thing I disliked most about this series is how she ended up with her baby daddy after 14 years of no communication and no real closure from their breakup. Personally, after fourteen years, I would like to have moved on. Else, why break up in the first place?

Beauty Inside

I was looking for something light and easy to watch that’s why I picked this show. The plot was simple and I was enjoying it until episode 11 came along and threw me off completely.

Spoiler alert: The plot is about a girl transforming into another person once a month while the boy doesn’t recognize faces. They end up together as early as the fourth episode. It’s pretty predictable. On episode 11, the girl’s mother gets diagnosed a month to live. The girl goes there everyday until she transforms into another person. Then she decides to not go until the last day where her mom miraculously recognizes her and they have this touching moment.

I already felt something off with the girl’s character. She seemed to be self absorbed and would only think about herself and her monthly change without considering all the relationships she has ruined. I guess that’s where the beauty of the boy’s character comes into play. Maybe they have this moment where they teach each other the importance of relationships and accepting weaknesses (or not) but I won’t be finding out if they ever get to that point. I think relationships with people are hard but if they matter enough to you, you should be willing to show your true self to them. This series just lacked that for me and I hated seeing the mom die without any form of realizations from the girl.

It’s Okay Not to be Okay

I wanted to like and finish this show but the pace was just too slow for me and for some weird reason I can’t connect with any of the characters. I can’t seem to finish sad shows. I know it’s a good series, one that I’d like to watch in the future, but I just can’t right now.

This is Paris

I just finished watching this and I don’t know where and how to start processing this. It is sad to see someone so famous go through abuse and have no support from her family (and friends?) but I have so many questions as to why this was even produced in the first placed.

Was it to just raise awareness for abuse from that school? Or were those just realizations after the fact that she finally talked to someone about her life? What was the end goal here?

I don’t have any answers and I don’t want to assume anything. If there’s any takeaways I got from this series it’s Paris (and her whole family) like to live the *perfect* life and I’m not even sure if I saw the real Paris in the documentary. I hope she gets her emotions, trauma, and mental health checked and she gets to live a truly happy life. All I saw was someone busy yet desperately crying for help.

Thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated in the comments, bye.

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