My winter tips

I’ve finally finished writing about our Japan 2020 trip. We’re few of the lucky ones who managed to squeeze in an international travel before coronavirus spread completely. I am completely grateful and appreciative of this privilege.

Looking back, I really wasn’t prepared for the cold. People have different sensitivity to cold and mine was way higher than my husband’s which basically meant I was already freezing and he was still fine. It was hard and a couple of times I wanted to break down. I wasn’t expecting snowfall that was similar to rain, waist high snow, and long walks in freezing temperatures. I simply didn’t know what to expect.

If you’re a tropical girl who will be experiencing snow for the first time, here’s some tips I’ve learned the hard way.


  • Buy the right clothing. Invest in heattech (ultra warm everything from Uniqlo) from tops to bottoms. It’s pricey but trust me its worth it. Uniqlo has this fleece/heattech lined pants (that I didn’t buy because I already had three Uniqlo tights that I thought was enough) invest in that, trust me.
  • For the tops, I thoroughly enjoyed my wools and heattech turtlenecks. Everything else I didn’t get to wear, not even the sweatshirts which were damn bulky to bring. Wool, turtlenecks, heattech and cashmere are your friends.
  • Generally speaking, don’t be foolish like me and bring tight skinny jeans/useless tops.
  • For shoes, buy boots that are lined and snow proof. I bought mine from Decathlon. It’s not the most fashionable but they were warm. Tie them tightly! I was so unused with boots and winter that I made the mistake on day one to tie it loosely. My feet were freezing and it wasn’t until lunch time that I realized I made a mistake, lol.
  • Invest/bring all types of accessories. I used my scarf, gloves and beanies the whole time. Also, bring sunglasses and lip balm.
  • For the outermost jacket, we decided to invest one Uniqlo down jacket. Best buy ever! This was the only jacket I wore for eleven days. I would just spray it nightly with the antibacterial garment spray and it was good to go the next day. It’s expensive but totally worth my money.


  • Always check the forecasts for the days of your trip.
  • If it’s your first time into experience snow, ensure that your itinerary isn’t too jam packed. Make time to acclimatize. Personally, it was tough for me to get used to the cold weather and I enjoyed our down moments strolling inside enclosed spaces or staying at cafes.
  • To make the acclimatization easier (and faster) I suggest experiencing a basic snow activity first. Snow tubing and sledding are fun beginner friendly activities which really help.
  • I would highly recommend mixing activities with sight seeing instead of going for sight seeing activities alone. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s way better to keep moving instead of keeping still just to take photos.

This trip is definitely one for the books. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a while before we can go back to Japan and it’s a nice way to end our yearly Japan trips. Even if winter made me hate the cold so much, I cannot wait to go back and try all kinds of different activities now that I know what a winter trip should be. I hope you found this post useful. When I was planning our trip this was one kind of post I wanted to read the most but there wasn’t any online (or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough).

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