Japan 2020

For the first time since 2017, our Japan trip was one we shared with other people. We decided to experience Hokkaido in winter along with some friends. This whole trip took a year to be finalized and a number of reschedules. It was a great trip that started with a missed flight.

Our trip was scheduled on February 2 – 11. This was during the start of the spread of COVID-19 and it was scary to travel. We arrived at the airport with ample time. I’ll be honest and admit we weren’t there three hours before our flight but we were able to check-in and fall in line at immigration more than an hour before our flight. However, the line at the immigration was ridiculously long and we ended up arriving at the gates ten minutes before our flight when the carrier’s policy is to close the gates fifteen minutes before take-off. Imagine that, we missed it by five minutes. We ended up buying new tickets to Japan on the same day on a different carrier.

It was a bad start but we were determined to make the most of it. The good thing was we really didn’t need to adjust or re-book anything. The only downside was we took a red eye which meant we were sleep deprived on day one – which also meant we slept for a good four hours as soon as we arrived at the hotel and only leaving the hotel by 4PM. (My husband and I are like old people and really prioritize sleep, lol.)

The first place we visited was Odaiba. I only wanted to go here for my husband. I wanted him to look around the Gundam store and buy some toys, if he liked. Knowing him, I was sure he wasn’t going to buy any (especially after the new set of tickets) but after some persuasion and reassurance that we did save up for our trip, he bought some. (Totally unrelated but I love how I love watching him spend. He’s so frugal that anytime he spends any money for himself, he always has to thinks about it a million times. Seeing him buy toys was such a highlight of our 2020 trip. <3)

I would definitely recommend going to Odaiba if you like shopping. There are a lot of stores and malls everywhere, you will not get disappointed. The one mall we we went to had at least five floors. Food wasn’t hard to come by as there were food courts and convenience stores everywhere. I would definitely go back to Odaiba and explore it a bit more next time. I hear there are indoor amusement parks and even a beach that we didn’t get to see because we arrived late in the day. 😛

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