First Impressions 2020

This quarantine has turned me into a picky reader and watcher. I’ve never been the type to stop watching series or stop reading books because the first part didn’t interest me. I’ve accumulated a good list of shows (and a book) that I tried to like but failed at which I’m sharing today.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

I want to watch this series because of Park Seo Joon Oppa but I really don’t like watching Park Shin Hye. I’m probably just insecure of how pretty she is, ha ha ha. I don’t know but it’s something about the roles she plays and how all her small screen shows are just not my type.

Anyway, after one episode I knew that this series is just one of those unrealistic rom-coms that aren’t worth my time. I like watching series that make my heart skip a beat but this one is so fake I’m sure I won’t enjoy it.

Let’s Eat

I think it was on Twitter where I’ve seen someone recommend this show to appreciate and get to know Korean food. After an episode, I admit that the show highlighted the food but I think I’m a few years too late for this. My problem with this show is how one of the characters (I won’t be bothered to Google who) had a very pa-cute voice I couldn’t stand. Second, I don’t like how the leading lady was too shy to eat alone. (It’s probably a problem and would be later resolved on the show but this turned me off.) Lastly, I watched for an hour but I think that whole episode can be condensed into thirty minutes. Not much happened and I wasn’t piqued enough to watch more.

Let’s Eat 2

Thinking that the second installment would be better, I tried to watch it. Again, the first episode didn’t really interest me. I wasn’t even able to finish the whole episode. Maybe I should look for documentary types of series to learn about Korean food.


I honestly thought this was a movie. I think this is based off of the book and the movie with the same title. The first episode was slow but good. The only reason why I didn’t watch the next episodes is it has more than one season. I don’t want to waste my time on shows that don’t end after one season. I’m a one season kind of girl lately.

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

I saw this book on Jenn Im’s YouTube video. The title was catchy enough that I downloaded a sample of it. I’ve read four essays so far and only one made me think.

The things you love about others are the things you love about yourself. The thing you hate about others are the things you cannot see in yourself.

I wanted to read more but I held off buying the book since the essays weren’t really what I expected. It was like a blog post, to be honest, and somehow I don’t get the whole point of the essays or why they were collated into one book. I don’t have anything against it and I am intrigued but somehow I expected more.

Extra Curricular

This is a good show. The first episode was already intense and it had me wanting to watch the next one. However, it’s not the kind that made me want to binge watch it. It’s different from all my usual K-dramas since it’s a crime teen TV show. I will watch this but definitely in a slower pace.

It tells the incidents that happen to a model student who commits a grave crime to make money and his friends and people surrounding him who get unintentionally involved in the crime.

Discovery of Love

This one is a cute one, I must admit, but I got turned off because by the second episode. The lead woman created unexpected drama. I know there wouldn’t be a show if there was no drama but it was so frustrating to watch that I just couldn’t continue watching it. Exes are exes because they are in the past (and should stay there). You don’t go back to them no matter what, especially if you’re in a healthy and satisfied relationship.

On the flip side, I have been reading the synopsis and it seems that it’s more than just a girl going back to her ex. It seems like it’s also about discovering love and what kind of love the leading lady likes/deserves. Maybe I’ll try to finish the second episode.

The second quarter of 2020, aka quarantine quarter, is such a disappointment series wise. Maybe I’m the type of person who actually likes to watch stuff, no matter how corny the plot is, to relax myself but not to pass time. I found it difficult to pass time with series and opted for more “productive” activities. I think I may have a problem. 😦

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