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Today I woke up feeling nothing. I wasn’t inspired or motivated to start work. The past two days have been tough on me work wise. I’ve been working hard, too hard by my standards. This pandemic has turned me into a workaholic and I don’t like it.

0745 I mustered up all my courage and headed to my office. I turned on my laptop then headed to the toilet to wash my face and brush my teeth. I loaded some clothes onto the washing machine. After all that, I sat down and read some emails. I started to work.

0900 My husband woke up and I asked him if he would willingly prepare some breakfast and hang the clothes. He said yes, both things he rarely does since I like to hang our clothes and skip breakfast. I was on a meeting while eating my breakfast.

1030 I went to the kitchen to defrost some porkchops for lunch. I was thinking of making pork steak. It’s easy to cook and something we both like eating. I went back to work.

1100 I returned to the kitchen to marinade the chops in soy sauce, calamansi, and chili oil (something I made the other day cause we had too much chilis and it was starting to get moldy). I then realized that 30 minutes wasn’t enough to defrost the meat. I was panicking inside since we might not get to eat on time and I hate not eating on time.

1145 I fried onions then set it aside. Afterwards, I fried the meat a little then added the marinade, half a cup of water, a tablespoon of sugar, and then let it boil. My goal was to let it boil until the meat was tender. Not all goals are met. I forgot about it because I started working again and got dragged into a call.

1245 We ate our almost sauce-less porkchops in peace and had ice cream for dessert.

1330 Back to work this workaholic goes.

1500 I decided that I’ve had enough work for the past few days and started to chill (as much as I can while still working). There’s just so much work and not enough time. It’s good problems to have but I’m tired.

1615 I started browsing through WordPress and came across this blog post which fully encapsulates my thoughts and feelings with small b blogging.

Lately, though, I miss just blogging. Typing. Not for readers, not for followers, not for anyone. Just writing for me.

1630 I decided to start writing this post while still working ha ha ha. I’m almost done with this task we are working on but we still have to iron out some issues. I’m worried that it’s not what the client expects and we just wasted one whole afternoon for it, lol. My teammate has faith in it though and I have faith in him. I will trust him and just offer a prayer tonight.

1749 I’m done. I’m calling it a day and head to our balcony for some fresh air.

1800 I was able to convince my husband to walk around the parking lot for at least 30 minutes. It’s Day 11 of my 2020 Summer Shred and it’s an active rest day.

1845 I checked the car to see if my flat tire got any flatter. There’s a nail in my rear left tire that I wasn’t able to get fixed prior to the quarantine. I could go outside and find a vulcanizing shop but I’m too scared of the virus and people trying to scam me to do it alone. The tire is still losing air but I think it can wait another week.

1900 I washed the dishes from lunch. My husband is assigned dishes duty but since we walked around for thirty minutes I helped him so he can get back to work. After the dishes, I prepped dinner (which was siomai and siopao) and then played some Stardew Valley.

1935 Dinner time. We used the chili sauce again. It’s still spicy, lol. I’m honestly shocked at how well it turned out. We used four ingredients for it but it’s incredibly tasty and spicy, you’d never believe it was homemade.

2015 Scrolled through social media and YouTube to pass time. I was planning to clean the toilet but I’m not feeling 100%. I think I’m going to get colds. My throat is starting to get sore and I’m feeling cold. It’s such bad timing to get this especially with Covid still a threat. It’s highly unlikely I got it (since I’ve been quarantined since March) but it’s still scary – like what if my neighbor got it and spread it through the vents… that’s highly unlikely, right?

2130 I took a bath and got ready for bed. I don’t have any skincare left. I’m using my eye cream as a moisturizer and my essence as a toner. My skincare package got stuck at the forwarding center and they won’t start delivery until the checkpoints are gone. It’s a small problem, my skin will survive. I’m looking forward to all the skincare shopping I’ll do once the checkpoints get lifted.

2156 I’m just finishing this post as I prepare to review for my certification exam next week. I really want to pass that exam so I’ve been studying nightly. I hope it all pays off.

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To keep it short and simple: I'm thirty years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Thanks for reading my post! Love the timestamp format on this one — I’d been thinking to do one as well. I’ve fallen into a bad pattern of working more than I should right now (it’s hard not to, since I’m trying to make up for the lost hours dealing with child care), and I wanted to document it.

    Take care!

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  2. Wow. That post from Miss Cheri hit me, as well. Made me realize some things.

    Also. Good luck with the Chloe Ting, Ate! Mas matagal pa ang naiitigil ko dyan compared sa workout itself. Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kaya nga tntry ko ulit mag small b blogging. Iba ung tama nung post ni Cheri 😛

      Hahaha!! Tumitigil din naman ako pero push lang ng push para sa abs! lol. sana okay ka lang dyan, Amielle 🙂 ❤


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