Quaranthings 2020

Hello, Metro Manila is in Community Quarantine from 15 March until who knows when. It is a true challenge to keep myself entertained. I’ve decided to share some of the things that I’ve found joy in while staying safe and being indoors. Initially, I wanted to share this list post quarantine but I’m at a point where I’ve decided to accept that this is the new normal until we can find a vaccine or flatten the curve.

CosRX’s BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

My skin hated all the traveling I did during the first months of 2020. I ended up with pimples and tons of pimple marks on my cheeks. It got to the point that even my friends commented about it and asked what happened. It. was. that. bad.

During the quarantine period, I reviewed my current skincare and tried to identify the probable cause of my breakouts. I realized I was using a new sunblock since January and I would generously apply it all over my cheeks. I removed it from my routine (I still used sunblock even if I am at home) and started using the CosRx’s BHA Blackhead Power Liquid like my life depended on it.

Two weeks in, I started seeing the improvement in my skin. I remembered why I loved this product and I asked myself why I even stopped using it. I love this product! ❤

popsugar’s Youtube channel

My goal for March was to lose all the weight I gained when I traveled. In total, I gained 2 kilos or 5 pounds (round up). I have tried a lot of activities and apps but nothing was helping me. I remember watching a group of people doing Zumba before quarantine and I realized I should try that. I searched YouTube for workouts and I stumbled upon PopSugar. I love Simone De La Rue, Jake DuPree and Modelfiit’s workouts. I usually choose the 30-40 minute ones and if I feel like I still have energy, I do two rounds of that. My favorite workouts so far are:

I swear, you’d think that these workouts are simple and easy to do but in reality it tests your coordination and endurance. It’s a fun way to sweat and hopefully, I can continue to do it even after the quarantine ends.

3-in-1 COFFEE

Prior to being on quarantine, the only coffee I could drink was Tim Horton’s Iced Coffee with a shot of Hazelnut. I know nothing when it comes to coffee that’s why I decided to go on a 3-in-1 hunt. I’m on the lookout for my favorite brand. So far I’ve tried Nescafe, Kopiko and Great Taste. The winner so far is Nescafe and only because I like how the coffee isn’t too strong for that one.


I love and hate this woman. Her videos were recommended after watching tons of workout videos. I checked her website and tried her free workout plan called the “2 Weeks Shred Challenge“. I was able to finish her program and my final results don’t look too impressive but the way I feel has improved a lot. I feel stronger too.

I want to share this video because this has inspired me on Day 8. I was very close to giving up but I was inspired to keep on going after watching this. I was pressuring myself too much and trying my hardest to lose weight in two weeks but it’s very important to understand that all bodies are different. It’s expected that you won’t get the abs or shred ten pounds in two weeks if you haven’t been active in a while. You just got to keep on moving, trying hard, and showing up day in and out.


Last but not the least-y, the Kindle app. After being quarantined for more than a month, I was able to finish all my stashed books. I didn’t have any physical books left to read so I tried looking for free e-books. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find free copies of books that I wanted to read or currently interest me. I decided it was time to buy e-books. Initially, I was trying to buy books off of the Books app on my iPad but realized that I needed to do lots of things just to be able to do that. I tried the Kindle app and it was easier and cheaper too! I’m very happy with the Kindle app and now here I am thinking of buying the Kindle itself. (Kidding I won’t, I won’t, I really won’t. Repeat until the thought of buying a Kindle is out of your mind.)

I hope everyone is keeping safe during this time. Remember to wash your hands!

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To keep it short and simple: I'm thirty+ years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.

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