Shows I’ve Watched Lately

I’m back with another Shows I’ve Watched Lately. With the amount of free time we all have this 2020, this list has a true potential to be long. I wasn’t able to watch as many shows as I’ve hoped but I did watch a good chunk by my standards.

Crash Landing On You

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This show honestly has potential but I found the whole series very cliche. I enjoyed the beginning of the series but midway through, I found myself just trying to finish it without actually enjoying it. I’d recommend this series to K-drama newbies. It has all the typical K-drama goodness – a good starter drama. But honestly, very blah for me.

The plot starts when a heiress from South Korea gets windswept all the way to North Korea. She meets a group of soldiers who were supposed to guard the border but failed to capture her. The soldiers end up hiding her and try to get her back to South Korea without all the other North Koreans finding out.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I wanted to like this series! It had high reviews and with Lee Seung Gi oppa, I had high expectations. The start was good and very action packed but as soon as I got to the middle part, I got turned off by the show. There was a lot of corruption in the plot and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I managed to power through the show but I got let down by a very dismal ending. There wasn’t any closure! I also didn’t like the growth of the characters. Why did they choose the life they chose to live? It was very vague and poorly done, for me at least.

The plot starts when a plane full of kids explodes on their way to Morocco. A very angry and grieving Lee Seung Gi arrives in Morocco only to realize that it was a terrorist attack and not an accident. He was able to identify a man who was captured in a video by his dead nephew. That’s where it all started and then a million other subplots happened and it was all so political, I couldn’t get my head around. (Mostly because I didn’t know how lobbyists worked in Korea.)

Kingdom Season 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kingdom did not disappoint with their second season. It was still as gruesome and as thoughtful as the first one. I’m not giving it five stars because the second season lacked something for me. I didn’t like how fast paced it was compared to the first season and how it is slowly becoming a long series. I watch Korean series because I like that after sixteen hours, I can get closure. Kingdom has a Western audience and I get why there will be a season three but personally I wanted closure!!!

Love is Blind

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I’m giving it three and a half stars because I love how it was such a cringe fest!! I loved it. The show had true potential but I wish they focused more on the conversations instead of when they got out into the real world. As a viewer, it felt like the connections weren’t real since we only saw a glimpse of their conversations in the pods.

I disliked Jessica but I can understand how she could have felt pressured to accept Mark’s feelings. It’s so cringe-y to see her go through her emotions. But I think if I was a girl who wanted to get married and thought I had a connection with someone but then that someone wasn’t sure of his feelings, I would probably end up settling for a person who loved me, lol. Or maybe not. In any case, I’m glad they didn’t get married because both of them deserved better.

My Secret, Terrius

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve given this series four stars because I love So Ji Sub oppa. I loved how light and funny it was. It isn’t the typical series I would normally enjoy but it captured my interest enough for me to finish it. I loved all the interaction between the kids and the very serious ahjussi.

The plot revolves around an ex-secret agent who is trying to uncover how and who killed his informant (who also turns out to be his lover). He lives in an apartment complex where his neighbor’s husband was also killed by the same organization who killed his informant.

Itaewon Class

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Wow, a four and a half rating. To be honest, I was inclined to only give it four (maybe three ang a half) but I changed my mind.

The plot revolves around Park Saeroyi played by Park Sae Joon oppa. His father was accidentally killed by a chaebol whose rich and despicable father covered it up. We follow his life through the years until we get to 2020 as he tries to attain his goal in life which is to get revenge for his father.

Initially, I wasn’t liking what I was watching. It was very dramatic at times and I did fast forward a couple of scenes. I also don’t normally like watching revenge plots but after reflecting on it (I really did cause people liked this show and I was trying to understand why) I changed my mind and liked it. Some things that made me change my mind were:

  • Park Saeroyi’s attitude – I loved how we see him stick to his beliefs and principles even if it caused him issues in life. We love a principled man.
  • Park Saeroyi’s growth – A principled man must also know when to compromise. In the beginning we see a very firm Park Saeroyi but as soon as the situation changed, we see a man who looked at the bigger picture. I love the development of his character.
  • Everyone else’s story and their growth – I think the most important thing I liked about this series is the growth that each person went through as time passed. It’s a little unfortunate that some characters never outgrew their shells but it was nice to see a whole lot who were able to change.

You might think that it’s pretty shallow to give 4.5 stars for three reasons but I’ll stick by it. I like how realistic it was (well, in the sense that everyone grows and learns as time goes on) and how it’s like real life. If you work hard enough, you can potentially achieve anything you want in life. In the end, we’re all suckers for happy and realistic endings.

I’m still accepting Netflix recommendations. Write a comment if you’ve watched shows you think I’d like. 😀

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