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Hello, blog. There’s a lot of things going through my mind, so let me update you.

The whole of Luzon has been on quarantine since last March. I’ve been working from home the past three weeks. I’m so fortunate to be with a company where working from home isn’t a new thing so we were able to protect ourselves as soon as there were confirmed local transmissions of COVID-19. I’m also extremely lucky to be with a big company. This means even if the quarantine extends (I hope it doesn’t) the chances of me losing my job is pretty slim. I’ve heard from a few friends that their clients are starting to lay-off some of their outsourced resources as early as the first week. I feel secure during this time and it’s such a privilege.

Working from home has its perks. The best perk of all is time. I now have a lot of time to do all of the things I want to do. It was fun the first few days but now it’s gotten to a point where I’m bored. It’s a privilege to be bored during this time that’s why I make it a point to be as productive as I can be. I am able to clean our condo, do the laundry, organize a lot of things, read books, watch series, talk a lot with my husband, exercise after work, and cook food. I’ve been productive and I’m thankful.

Staying at home also means I get to watch the nightly news while eating dinner. It makes me sad when I watch it. There are a lot of news about the quarantine and the virus and it breaks my heart. Without getting too worked up about it, I think that this pandemic is showing which of our leaders are actually doing their jobs. I’m so proud to see officials, communities and even regular people working together to help in their own ways. The spirit of bayanihan lives on.

Of course, there’s the flip side. I have always been silent on social media (and on my blog – I once tried to share my thoughts online and I was made to feel like my opinions weren’t valid) and choosing to only share my thoughts with my peers and people with open minds. I know that everyone handles every situation differently. I’d just like to remind everyone that choosing to stay positive throughout this whole situation or choosing to live inside their bubbles is perfectly fine. If that’s your thing (or my thing), I respectfully respect you and your choices. I won’t be part of the problem by calling other people names and shaming them. The real problem on our hands is the lack of transparency from the government and their apparent lack of urgency. If you’d like to help, you can donate to a number of organizations. Personally, I love Caritas Manila and they make it convenient by being on Lazada.

If you’d like to help by sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on social media, can I request that you do it by being constructive? What can we do better? What can we do to make them listen without having the need to degrade or shame other people whose thoughts are different from yours? Staying positive or being vocal during this time is not toxic. We’re all feeling something. We are just choosing to show it differently.

ps. This post was inspired by my friend who decided to support a certain politician. I get it, you are choosing to support that person. Let’s not be blind though. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in this situation can do something better. It’s not called criticism if it’s constructive.

Stay safe kids,

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  1. The problem with “staying positive” though is this - (because this tweet explained it better than I could ever).

    Anyway, same same. Bored na rin ako kahit wfh naman na ko for like 2 years. I think it’s just a mindset for me at this point. Even though I’m pretty much doing the same exact things I’ve been doing for months, iba pa rin pag may option kang lumabas pag bet mo. Hahahaha. Stay safe, K!! ❤

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    1. Let’s agree to disagree? LOL. Nakailang type na ako dun sa response ko sa opinion mo about staying positive pero hindi ko macover lahat huhu. I still think walang mali with people who choose to stay positive. I think it’s their right and if that’s how they wish to handle it, then so be it.

      And yes, sa tingin ko din psychological ang kalaban natin. Mas nakakasuffocate kasi kapag pinagbabawalan ka kesa kapag pinili mo na stay at home.

      Ingat kayo dyan and wash your hands!

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      1. Don’t get me wrong though. There’s nothing wrong about being positive or thinking about the positive side of things during this time. I mean, we all having our coping mechanisms and shit like that. My only qualm is if ALL we’re doing is thinking positive and we’re not doing our fair share of either helping out others or even, at the very least, thinking about their struggles, too. Because really, at this point, wala sa mga mahihirap nating kababayan ang kaya na mag think positive lang. Yun lang naman.

        Anywaaaaaaay. Sobrang lala na ng boredom ko nakakaloka. Hirap mag-isip ng gagawin. Hahahaha.

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  2. Nung nag work from home ako mas lalo akong di makatulog huhu parang di kasi ako inaantok kahit GY ako hay. Dahil siguro sa pag gising sila gusto ko gising din ako? Haha. Ingat lagi, Kat!

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