Shows I’ve Watched Lately

I’ll be honest and tell you upfront that I’ve watched a lot of TV this quarter. Help me. I am also trying to watch all 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy again. There were just a lot of things going on in the final quarter of 2019 and the accessibility of Netflix didn’t help. Here’s the rundown of all the things I’ve watched.

My Contracted Husband Mr. Oh //★★★☆☆

I wasn’t able to finish this show. It was just too dramatic and painfully slow for me. 😦

Two Cops //★★★☆☆

This show is totally forgettable. It was only interesting during the first few episodes but as time progressed, the story kinda went downhill for me. I was only able to finish it because of Cho Jung Seok oppa.

Unbelievable //★★★★☆

The story itself was well told and I think everyone needs to watch this to remind themselves to always be careful. But to be honest, I just found the whole series a bit dragged out. It’s probably to make the whole story a bit more dramatic but when film makers do this, it bores me. I still recommend you to watch it because it’s still a nice series but lower your expectations a bit and ladies, don’t forget to lock your doors and windows.

Plot: A serial rapist it out and about raping women by intruding their homes late at night. The story starts with Marie, a troubled young woman, who was forced to retract her story because no one believed her.

One Spring Night //★★★☆☆

This is one of those series where I just watched it because of the leading man. Jung Hae In oppa, the things I do and the hours I waste for you. This show was very average for me. I found myself skipping a lot of parts where there was just background music and staring out into space done by the characters.

The Witcher //★★★★☆

I’m only giving this series four stars because I was left hanging. I hate American TV shows. They just never end and they keep you wanting more. I really like this show but I’m a little disappointed (not really disappointed but maybe frustrated) with myself because I wasn’t able to understand the back and forth of the timelines especially during the beginning. I might have missed something important. It makes me want to watch it again. 😛

Meat Eater (Seasons 5-8) //★★★★★

Who knew hunting would be so fascinating? I only watched this show because it popped up on my recommendations but little did I know that Steven Rinella would pull me in and captivate me with the world of hunting.

Plot: This show takes you with Steven and his friends as they go to different locations and hunt for different type of animals – mostly deer and caribou. What I like about this show is the different side of hunting that Steven is able to show. He is a great storyteller and hunter. I highly, highly recommend you to watch this show.

Grey’s Anatomy (Seasons 1-5) //★★★★★

Need I tell you anything about Grey’s Anatomy? It’s pretty self explanatory, right?

Rewatching this series makes me so emotional. I’ve grown up with Grey’s Anatomy and seeing all the already dead characters makes me want to write a letter to Shona Rhimes asking her why did she have to kill them. Is season 16 the final season? T_T

As you can see, there’s a lot of screen time the past quarter. I wouldn’t say I hate it but it wasn’t particularly productive either. Any good shows you’ve watched lately?

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  1. I think, kalahati na nung season nung nagets namin ni Kyx na back and forth na past-present yung ganap hahaha walangyang yan hahaha nonetheless, sobrang nagustuhan ko din and nakakabwisit na 2021 pa yung next daw!!!

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      1. Ulitin ko siguro panoorin one of these days. Hahaha kasi baka may mga namiss ako na part eh. Si mama din ayun ang sinabi niya, mukang papanoorin niya ulit haha

        Liked by 1 person

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