Life Lately

September isn’t the best month of my 2019. It does go all the way to the top for the worst month award though. It was pretty chaotic.

Without talking too much about, the gist is my grandma got confined at the hospital and things are a mess. It’s sad and fucked up but I call it life and I’ve learned that life is short. All we can really do is make the most out of it. Those dream vacations, go for it. Those enemies, forgive (and hopefully forget). Be kind. Don’t let negativity or hatred take space in your life. We only get one.

Ugh, I hate to sound all preachy and tell you how to lie your lives but to be honest, that’s one thing I want to share to others so badly. Don’t spend or waste time on things that don’t matter to you. Do not waste your energy on things you cannot change. Life is all kinds of fucked up sometimes and the best way to deal with it is surrounding yourself with as much positivity as you can find.

In other news, last month I also gained weight. I know it’s bad because I haven’t had my period since July and I’m starting to get worried and disappointed in myself that I let it get to this point. I’m trying desperately to go on a diet but I just can’t control myself. I need to go and take my health seriously or all the progress I’ve made last 2017 will be all for nothing. Somebody help me.

We’ve also developed a molds problem. *eww, I know* I started smelling it late August but it wasn’t until mid September when we’ve realized it was molds. I think it was because of the humid weather we had last August. It’s my first time experiencing molds and believe me, I was grossed out. I wanted to throw our shoe cabinet (where the molds thrived) but my husband said if we just let it dry properly and buy dehumidifiers it shouldn’t happen again. I’m still grossed out every time I remember it but I’m so thankful that the shoe cabinet was it’s only victim. (I also now low key regret buying these cheap shoe cabinets.)

To try and shake all of that bad mojo last September, I am focusing on finding other creative outlets for myself. Thanks to a comment made by Alana in a previous life lately post and to The Minimalists reminder that new things won’t but me happiness, I am now trying to learn the “art” of vlogging. I’m not going to be the next best thing in YouTube but it is nice and challenging to document my cooking life. It’s a new skill that I might not master but I am finding joy in. It’s the simple things in life we have to make the most of.

That’s enough chit-chat. I hope life is treating you well lately. Until next time!


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To keep it short and simple: I'm thirty+ years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


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