Low Buy – Empties 2019

It’s been a pretty steady third quarter of 2019. I didn’t really buy too much products and I was able to empty a solid amount of products! It was definitely a good quarter.

My friend was moving to Australia and she gifted me three of her skincare products. I was initially planning to sell it but the free skincare tempted me. I ended up using the Heimish All Clean Balm first because I really wanted to figure out if a balm would be a better replacement to micellar water and cotton pads combo. I’m not sure if her product was an old stock but I didn’t like the scent of the Heimish balm at all. It also left a white sorta ‘film’ after using it. I’m not sold on it at all and I just want to empty it as soon as possible. I guess I’m not a balm type of girl.

The rest of my buys were bought because I needed it. I was obsessing over how ugly my skin has become thanks to pollution and because I stopped doing the double cleanse. After not liking the balm, I bought Nivea’s Micellair Skin Breathe Micellar Water. This specific product was only 99 pesos (such a steal) and my face feels clean after using it. I also bought the Complexion Cleansing Pad because my scrub was running on empty.

You can say I was going back to the basics and decided to focus on cleansing my skin last quarter. I really let my skin down by not taking a better care of it. The good news is I can see an improvement after religiously following the double cleanse method again.

My empties aren’t really surprising and I won’t be talking too much about it. Most of the products here are products that I have been using pretty constantly and swear by. The only thing I wasn’t pleased with is the K-Palette Lasting Two-Way Eyebrow Liquid. I’m not sure why but this product wasn’t good at all. Maybe I bought the wrong color that’s why every time I used it I was unsatisfied with how it looked on me or maybe because I bought it in Japan and the air quality or the airport (?) made this product bad? I’m not sure but this product is highly rated but when I used it, it just wasn’t working for me. For the price I had to pay, I definitely won’t be buying this again. I’ll just stick to my Etude House eyebrow pencil.

This quarter was okay. To be honest, this low buy thing isn’t challenging me anymore. I guess you can say that I’m (slightly) over with skincare. I have already found products that work for me and I don’t see any reason to try any new ones. But we’ll see with the holidays come sales and with sales comes a new reason to buy more skincare. 😛

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  1. I like the “with sales comes a new reason to buy more skincare.” — couldn’t agree more on this! Lol! Not just skincare, but anything from watsons. 😂

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