Shows I’ve Watched Lately

The past quarter I saw myself watching a lot of TV. I lost my motivation to read because I got stuck reading books I wasn’t into. I saw myself watching all my favorite TV shows and getting sucked into the wormhole that is called my bed. I did enjoy it but I’m ready to stop watching so much TV and instead read as many books as I can for the last quarter of 2019.

Oh wait, did I just say that…the last quarter of 2019?

Killing Eve //★☆☆☆

My brother suggested that I watch this series. I was initially intrigued by the show’s concept but somewhere along the way it kinda bored me. My brother really likes it and says that I should give it another go. I’m still trying to watch it… Has anyone else tried watching this show and actually liked it?

Good Omens //★★★★


This show is based on a book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I loved the book but I was very hesitant to watch the show. The TV adaptation of American Gods wasn’t my thing and I was worried that watching the Good Omens adaptation would kill my love for the book. My worries all proved to be nothing because they did a fantastic job with this one! I love, love, love, love how it turned out.

The plot is about the end of the world and what angels and devils do about it. It’s an interesting take on the end of the world and I love how the viewer can still take a valuable lesson even if the story isn’t told in such a serious way. Big props to both Michael Sheen and David Tennant who gave Aziraphale and Crowley life. I am still gushing over their performances!

911 //★★★☆

I only watched this show because I was bored of listening to podcasts and my usual playlists at work. The show isn’t really memorable nor is it the type that you’d want to watch out for. I classify this show under my “good as background noise” shows. It’s good but not good enough.

I’m also giving it three stars out of five because I like how it gives the viewers a peek at how first scene responders do their jobs. They make it look so easy but their jobs require so much out of them physically and mentally.

Her Private Life //★★★☆☆

To be honest, I just watched it because of Kim Jae Wook. Visually, he did not disappoint but I just couldn’t get over his wide angle office pants. Park Min Young also dressed so fashionably in this series it kinda made me want to wear office clothes.

Unfortunately though, I forgot about the plot. It just wasn’t enjoyable for me to watch. There were a lot of nice moments all throughout that made you feel very kilig which is very important for me but it wasn’t enough. The only upside about the series for me is how the leading man was very supportive of the leading lady for being a fan girl. Relationships, ideally, should be like that. You should support your partner even if they have the oddest hobbies.

The Secret Life of My Secretary //★★★★★

I don’t know if you notice but the type of Korean shows that shoot straight up to the top of my list are the light ones – you know, the kind that gives you the kilig. This show definitely did that for me. It was perfectly light and it made me forget about real life.

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  1. I’ve heard really good things about Killing Eve & enjoyed the first episode… yet, I don’t have the burning desire to go back & watch the entire series. Great reviews, Kat! Sometimes watching TV is just way more relaxing than reading a book.

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