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Hello, everyone! Happy Monday.

Today has been a very productive day. I went to the dentist, bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, cleaned our balcony, and repotted a few plants. I’ll be ending my day by exfoliating my skin, using a sheet mask, continuing my Grey’s Anatomy marathon, and posting this.

I really don’t have anything to share. I just wanted to try out my new keyboard. It’s pretty amazing and for 629 pesos I find this a steal. The reason I bought a keyboard is because I used to use my office laptop for blogging. I just go incognito and do it all there. There has been a recent security incident and everyone has been reminded to not use their office laptop for personal reasons. I would’ve still continued using my office laptop but the incident was reported by the IT guys to the director of our group. It basically means that there really wasn’t a security threat but more of a precautionary thing which was caught by IT. This kinda freaked me out because what if they can really monitor everything you do on your office laptop? That’s scary.

I just wanted to be safe and to stop using my office laptop for blogging. My only concern is how do I resize photos on my iPad? I used to resize everything on the Paint program to save space (lower the size from MB to KB) but I’m not sure it’s even possible to do that here.

The things I do for blogging.

Overall rating for this Mumuso Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard9/10. I’m deducting 0.5 points for the fact that the keyboard is patterned after Mac keyboards and I don’t know how to use one, lol. Another 0.5 points for the slight misalignment of the keys. It’s to minimal to be noticed but I can still see it. It’s still a good buy and it does what it says it does. Hopefully it doesn’t break anytime soon.

I also took the photos below using my iPad. I resized it using the Lightroom app but I’ll check on my office laptop tomorrow. I hope IT doesn’t monitor and report blogging, lol.

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  1. Hey! how’s the keyboard working out? It looks like a mechanical keyboard, which is unusual to be bluetooth. I’m looking for one of these myself, which isn’t like the mac keyboards, such as the magic keyboard (& mouse), or the one you have there whose keys are rather large, and therefore found to have larger distances in movement to reach for keys.
    Thanks in advance

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