Dotonbori, Osaka 2018

We ended our Japan 2018 trip at Dotonbori. We picked a hotel not far from this area which meant we had time to see it at night and day. To be honest, by this point of our trip, my energy to take photos has waned down which is why I only got a few decent photos and most of them are of Ichiran.

Ichiran has got to be my biggest regret last 2018. We decided to eat it on our last night and it was so good I wanted it to be our breakfast the next day. (We didn’t have it for breakfast.) It was very flavorful and the pork was beyond tender I will probably eat this as soon as I get back to Japan next time! There were some comments online that said Ichiran wasn’t worth the hype and that Ippudo is better but for my taste buds, Ichiran was the best and nobody can dispute that so far.

Here’s the last set of photos from my Japan trip.

All in all Japan 2018 was so good. For this trip, we really slowed it down and decided to just enjoy the moment and take good photos. I am glad we did it this way since we really got to appreciate what we were seeing. It wasn’t too jam packed as the last year but it was still very memorable. I really hope you enjoyed my stories. I tried my best telling it.

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