Nara Park, Nara 2018

I love Nara Park. I love how big it is and how there’s deer, food, gardens and temples around it. You can sit in one corner and still be amazed by what you see and experience.

Last year, when we visited it, our itinerary was so packed we didn’t get to stay in the park for too long. This time we only picked one temple to visit, pass through another one and spend the rest of the time at the park. I must say, this plan was the best ever. We took our time and definitely enjoyed ourselves.

We started our Nara stroll at the park. Here, I took quite a few pictures of strangers especially cute kids with their uniforms. I was also able to witness how Chinese bloggers/influencers do their thing. I’m assuming they were like that because they posed with the deer for what seemed like eternity but when the deer got too close they’d run. It was really funny to watch them but at the same time I kinda pitied them because they were so caught up with what they were doing that I think they didn’t even get to enjoy the place. I think. But whatever I don’t really care about them. !!! Stop invading the Philippines and stop claiming what’s not yours. !!!

We also saw a couple taking some photos in their traditional garments. I think they’re getting married and, man, were they beautiful.

While we were sitting down on a bench, we saw some old people who had professional looking cameras who were on the lookout for some fall leaves. We decided to follow them and we were led to this area without a lot of people and deer but with some of the reddest tress I’ve seen.

After taking a lot of photos, we went to Kasuga-Taisha. We’ve been here before but we weren’t able to walk around the different auxiliary shrines last time. To be honest, there weren’t a lot of tourists in the auxiliary shrines and walking in the woods (there was just a small paved path) was pretty creepy. I also took pictures of ema. I’m not sure if that’s right or wrong but it was so cute and the English ones are so adorable – especially at the love shrine.

While at the auxiliary shrine, we noticed a Japanese man going from shrine to shrine. We were intrigued by what he was doing that we decided to follow him, lol. We lost him somewhere since he walked too fast and it was at that point we realized we ended up on the outskirts of Nara Park. On our way back and while looking for a toilet, we discovered this place that had a little lake and the reddest tress we had ever seen that day. A bonus was there were no tourists. There were just two other people.

All in all our trip to Nara Park was one of the best trips we’ve had last 2018. My husband and I enjoyed sitting on benches, watching and following people and walking around aimlessly. I’ve realized that’s the kind of activity that we love to do when traveling. We love slowing down our pace and just taking in these moments.

We’re so blessed to be able to do this.

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