Mt. Rokko, Kobe 2018

We dedicated a whole day for Kobe while making our itinerary but on that specific day I was having stomach issues which meant we had to go back to the hotel as soon as we got out. We decided to rest half of the day and head out to Kobe after lunch. This meant we weren’t able to try Kobe beef (it was expensive and we miscalculated our pocket money for this trip, lol) and walk around the touristy and port areas. The only place we were able to visit was Mt. Rokko.

I was under the impression that Mt. Rokko was a hip and happening place. A perfect way to watch the sunset and do some walking. It turns out it’s not that kind of place. Mt. Rokko is like Tagaytay Highlands. There were a lot of things and activities to do but not so much if you’re only going to spend a day and don’t really have enough money to spend.

Would I recommend going to Mt. Rokko for budget tourists? Not really. Especially if you’re not going to the onsen or if it’s not winter (they say it snows here). For a budget tourist, it’s a very so-so place. There’s not a lot of free places to see or do. Has anyone else been to Mt. Rokko and had a better experience than we did? I’d love to know!

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