Tofokuji Temple, Kyoto 2018

We really had *low* expectations for Tofokuji Temple. The only reason why we decided to go here was because it was near Fushimi Inari and it’s always better to visit two temples instead of one.

As per usual, we were surprised by how beautiful this place was – Japan Guide did not do it any justice! I think the whole area is free except for the Tsutenkyo Bridge and the Kaisando Hall. The price was well worth it because in the peak of autumn, the paid area is breathtaking and breathtakingly full of people, lol.

There were some benches in the paid area where you can sit and admire the whole place. I warn you, it can get crowded. You have to be quick when taking pictures cause you do get ushered to move and also I just think it’s rude when you stay in a spot for too long taking a million pictures but end up deleting most of it. I’d do it all over again though. This temple shoots straight to number one for my personal list of best places to visit in Kyoto during fall.

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