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I was daydreaming this morning during my morning commute. I was suddenly lost in my own thoughts while staring at a bumper of another car. I was suddenly thinking of my dad and the could have beens if he was alive. It’s a little painful to think of it but this morning those thoughts filled my head.

It’s his birthday in a couple of days and I reminisce of the times when I’d give him the lousiest gifts but he’d still accept it or when I’d give him fancy gifts but he’d never use it. Or when he’d pick me up or drive me to work even if I was in my twenties. Or the time he went with me to school and gave me a crash course on how to enroll myself and commute without him. Or the time he forgot to pay for my tuition fee and his cheque bounced, lol. My head is filled with the little details. I miss him.

There’s also this video I watched that might have added to my emotions. It starts at 6:49.

Daughter, now you are going to be a wife and a mother of your children. And your life will continue like that. But my daughter, even if you become somebody’s wife and somebody’s mother, don’t give up your own happiness. Don’t forget you are daddy’s precious little girl. Never forget that you and me, we’re all important.

July is slowly becoming my least favorite month. It never gets easier. These moments suddenly hit out of nowhere. You think you’re okay and that you’re used to it now but then boom – you’re not.

If you ever lost someone, I hope you’re okay and I hope, like me, your coping in whatever way you know how.

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To keep it short and simple: I'm thirty+ years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Aww i saw that video too! And i also thought of my parents 😦 my dad doesnt live with me but we still kind of talk. Glad u can have all those amazing memories. Thats whats important, remembering the good moments from that person 💗

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  2. Hay the things we can never really move on from or get used to. I’m here and I love you. I’ll pray for you bes. Baka miss ka din ng dad mo watching from heaven huhu ❤

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  3. I’m sorry about your loss. It sounds like you and your Dad were so close and it may never get easier, but hopefully time will remind you of all the good memories. That quote you wrote about being a daughter and not giving up your own happiness brought tears to my eyes. You are doing an amazing job, Kat. Your Dad is so proud of you and who you are becoming. *hugs*

    ❤ Alana

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