Arashiyama, Kyoto 2018

Arashiyama is one of my most favorite places to see and visit in Kyoto. I love the temples, bamboos, food stalls, people, and vibe of this place. For this trip, we decided to visit the Bamboo Forest and the Arashiyama Park. We planned on getting some food and sitting by on one of the park benches and people watch.

Kyoto’s manhole design

Not everything we wanted happened. The trip started with an expensive Shinkansen ride to Kyoto. I made the mistake of thinking we were allowed to ride the Shinkansen when the pass we had didn’t cover it. We had to pay for that ride which meant we had to cut our food expenses for the day.

After the rough start, things looked up because even if we had to pay extra, we arrived at Arashiyama early. The Bamboo Forest wasn’t crowded at all. We were able to take proper photos and enjoy the area.

We headed to Arashiyama Park next. The husband and I really enjoy going into gardens or parks to sit down and people watch. We were also able to see unpopular (no tourists at all) spots which gave us amazing views of the Katsura River. We even saw a Chinese couple doing their wedding photo shoot!

Fall colors in Arashiyama were in peak condition when we visited. It was worth our visit and I’d definitely recommend to go during the later parts of November. There were a lot of tourists but it was still beautiful and worth the trip.

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