Miyajima, Japan 2018

As I’ve said in my previous post, my husband and I enjoyed riding the gondola up Mount Misen and hiking down but to be honest, when my husband said he wanted to hike down, I wanted to punch him. We didn’t have the right shoes and it was cold. We also always hiked down when it was nearing sunset! Imagine doing that. This is what my husband calls fun. Even if this was the case, I had no choice but to agree with him since the last thing I wanted was to let him do it alone.

I must confess, I enjoyed hiking with my husband through the mountains. It’s not the wisest decision we ever made but it was very enjoyable. The views going down the mountain were beautiful – we even saw some deer on the way down! I’d definitely do it again if we were to visit Miyajima again.

Mount Misen


Some of the best moments we’ve experienced in Miyajima weren’t in a tourist spot. It was while we walked down its streets and enjoyed this small town’s atmosphere. We tried various street foods and was captivated by the simplicity of it all.

I’d definitely go back to this island and opt to stay a night. It was very charming in it’s own way. It’s one of those places where it just takes your breath away. I’d highly recommend that you visit this place if ever you are in Japan.

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