Low Buy – Empties 2019

I was so excited for the second quarter of 2019. Most of my skincare products were running low and I knew I needed to buy replacements for it. It’s true the number of things I’ve bought increased this quarter but I still believe I did pretty good! It especially feels good since the products I bought are actually helping my skin and giving it the nourishment and help it needs.

I was able to empty two cleansers, two toners, one micellar water, and one pimple patch. For the two cleansers, I was able to finish this with the help of my husband. These two products have been with me since 2018 and it feels good to finally say I’ve used it all up! The CosRX Power Liquid was very average for me. Sorry CosRX but I’m not going to recommend it at all. The Simple micellar water was also very average for me. I didn’t like the smell and I’m just glad I’ve finished the bottle. The Some By Mi products are actually part of my buys this quarter. I can’t really say anything about the toner other than it has a nice smell. For the pimple patch, however, I can really say it works! It works a whole lot better than the CosRX ones. My pimple can fade/dry up in 1.5 days. That’s how good it is. I also emptied my Missha First Treatment Essence and my IOPE cushion foundation. I love the IOPE cushion foundation but it’s so expensive, I don’t find it practical.

Now for my buys.

I bought a Maybelline Mascara because I wanted to have dramatic lashes without using fake lashes. I’ve honestly watched too many YouTube tutorials, I’m sorry. I also bought a lip balm because my old Nivea one is starting to go bad on me. It’s way past it’s expiration date but my lips are still fine so I guess it’s still okay to use? I also bought a new cushion foundation from Missha but this one is so bad I might as well throw it.

For my skincare, I kind of went a little crazy because StyleKorean had a 50% off sale on Innisfree products. I bought Green Tea Seed Eye Cream, Green Tea Balancing Cream EX and Green Tea Seed Essence in Lotion. I also bought a Some By Mi set because it only costs $16 for two full size products and two small ones. It was a super steal! I also wanted to try their pimple patches. I bought three and it’s such a good buy.

Not listed is my Missha First Treatment Essence and 10 pieces of masks. The masks are pretty cheap and will last me a quarter since I only use one per week. The essence is expensive but I can’t live without it. They have this new formula but I can’t really tell if it’s working like the one I just emptied. I’m still on the fence about it. I’m hoping (?) that I fall out of love with it and look for cheaper essences in the future.

As you can see, I bought a lot of stuff. I don’t regret it though. Most of the things I’ve bought are replacements. The only thing I bought which I don’t originally have is the eye cream and the sheet masks. I don’t regret quarter two. I might have bought a lot of stuff but I’m really enjoying using it especially the Some By Mi products.

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