Miyajima, Japan 2018

After visiting Hiroshima, our next stop was Miyajima. Miyajima is famous for the Itsukushima Shrine and it’s floating torii gate. The shrine and torii gate is built over water making it seem to float during high tide.

We only wanted to see the torii gate on high tide and low tide. What we didn’t expect was to enjoy this little island and everything it had to offer that we ended up visiting it twice during our trip. The whole vibe of this small island is very relaxed and close to nature – something my husband and I truly appreciated.

Itsukushima Shrine

Daisho-in Temple

These were the only two temples we visited in Miyajima. The rest of the time, we spent up in Mount Misen and enjoying the walking trails that course through it. I’ll share all the pictures on a separate post next time!

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7 thoughts on “Miyajima, Japan 2018

    1. Cute no. At ang dami dami nila. Minsan pag pumupunta kami sa mga temple, naiisip ko sana may explanation kasi hindi ko alam bakit may “bonnet” sila 😛

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