Hiroshima, Japan 2018

Hiroshima is famous because this is where a nuclear bomb exploded. I’m not very good with history but the short story is, the United States dropped a bomb here which caused 70% of its population to die. It has a sad story but what I liked most about visiting this city is how you can see that it overcame everything to rise up again.

The only place we visited here is the Peace Memorial Park. In this park, you will see the Peace Memorial Museum, Cenotaph for the A-Bomb victims, Atomic Bomb Dome and Children’s Peace monument.

Hiroshima is the saddest part of our trip. In the museum, we were able to watch videos of the survivors and it was such a terrible idea. They all shared such heartbreaking stories which all started with a normal day. Imagine doing your own thing one morning and then a bomb destroying your whole city and killing everyone you know.

No matter how evil a country is, I don’t think anyone has the right to drop a bomb on a city with the civilians who will be the main victims. Here’s a documentary from BBC about Hiroshima, if you’re interested.

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  1. I absolutely loved this post of yours. What happened in Hiroshima is terrible and I always feel close to tears whenever I see pictures. I think visiting the grounds of tragic events can sometimes be important and an incredible learning experience – it reminds us that there are people everywhere, everyday that go through such tragic hardships. It reminds us of the world’s history and the mistakes that were made. It reminds us of the fact that one single action can change the course of people’s lives forever. Great post!

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