Shows I’ve Watched Lately

Here’s part two of my quarter two series. Part one is here.

I am not a Robot  //★☆  

I persevered and watched ten episodes of this show before finally stopping. I did not like this show at all. The plot was very shallow and I just didn’t like or relate with it!

Marriage Contract  //★★★★☆ 

I really enjoyed this series even if it was a hardcore drama. It’s a sad story about death, love, and family. The story starts of with a son getting married for the kidney of his wife for his mother. They, obviously, fall in love but all hell breaks lose cause the wife actually has a brain tumor. The son is also from a rich family while the wife is a widow with a child. The problems are endless in this series.

Even if it was sad and very dramatic, I loved it because it showed me courage despite uncertainties and hoping for the best even if hope itself is gone. The only downside in this series is the open ending. I wished that it was ended properly – with either a death or with a miracle. The fact that they left me hanging (and hoping) is the only reason I’m giving it four stars.

Tiny House Nation //★★★★

I am so thrilled and excited that Netflix already has Tiny House Nation! I love this series so much. I envision myself living in a tiny house in the future or not because I’m already having issues living in a condo but maybe in time and watching this gives me courage and reminds me that in today’s time, it’s alright to not have a big house. What matters is you have a roof on top of your head with all your essentials.

I encourage you to watch this and I hope you get encouraged to live tiny. Not only will it benefit you financially, it will also help you to see what matters most in your life.

Suspicious Partner  //★★★☆  

I’m so torn with this series. It started out real good but somewhere along the way it lost me. I liked the chemistry and the push and pull of the lead stars but the whole plot was just messy.

There was just a lot going on and at times when you thought that the main problem was solved another one arises. I also don’t like how the lead character’s personality changed so drastically because of his job. When he was a prosecutor he was such a confident and cool guy but once that title was removed from him, he seemed a less confident and cool guy. Sorry, but I don’t believe that titles make up who you are. He was such a pushover when he wasn’t a prosecutor, it was a painful to watch.

The past quarter, I was able to watch a lot of series mostly because I’m almost done with all my books and there’s a lot of K-dramas on Netflix! I’m so happy that Netflix has done this because my subscription is finally worth it! Any recommendations for series to watch?

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  1. I’ve been rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I just love how it’s a blend of sci-fi, romance, action, art, and culture! It sees so much potential in humanity. It’s honestly a world I want to live in. ❤

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      1. Added it to my list! I’ll try and watch it after the one I’m watching now 🙂 thanks for the recommendation


  2. I feel like I should get back into watching shows now! I used to be absolutely addicted to Netflix and once I cancelled it I think I had withdrawals for awhile especially when we moved last summer. For a long time I wondered how did I not feel depressed and what was I doing differently before because my life had not changed very much. I have always been an introvert. Then I realized that I used to watch full seasons of shows. Haha. Thanks for giving me some good places to start!

    ❤ Alana

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