Shows I’ve Watched Lately

Welcome to another “Shows I’ve Watched Lately” post. As you all know, the telly is my escape and here is quarter one’s list. Most of the shows are from Netflix. We don’t have cable TV since our condo doesn’t allow standalone cables yet. We only have the skycable bundle or cignal option but my lola-ass wants a landline phone (anyone else still has this?). I find landlines essential and a cheaper option for when you need to harass call customer service or order take out. Ah well, here’s the list.

Because This is My First Life //★★★★☆ 

I’m very on the fence about this one. There were some instances that I could relate to it so well (since I haven’t been married for so long yet) and there were some instances that just made me go, wtf? Not the best K-series I’ve watched but it was an enjoyable one.

Update: I updated my rating from three stars to four stars! Thanks to Vienna for reminding me how heartwarming and relatable this show is. It’s also a personal reminder for myself to write these reviews as soon as I finish watching shows cause I tend to forget the plot, lol. I’m still giving it four stars and not five because as much as I love these kinds of heartwarming shows, I don’t like to be reminded of life when watching it. Am I weird or do you ever feel this way too?

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes //★★★☆☆

An overall good series. I liked how they tried to explain everything they could but at times I just got bored because it just wasn’t deep enough. I know it’s a difficult ask to have someone explain to you what Ted Bundy did (only he can explain it and unfortunately even with the tapes, he didn’t) but if they couldn’t do so, it should’ve been a shorter series.

The Kingdom //★★★★★

Loved this!!!!! ❤ It’s a zombie story but I loved how it was set in the Joseon era. I liked the hint of comedy and political drama in it as well. It’s also very exciting! I was expecting it to be another zombie story but the cliffhanger was so unexpected I can’t wait for Season 2.

Dirty John //★★★★★

I loved Eric Bana in this series! He was able to give off this sexy and irresistible vibe and yet give the perfect amount of creeps when needed! He portrayed his role very effectively to the point that I was convinced if he was the real John Meehan, no wonder the girls couldn’t resist his charm.

Eric Bana aside, the story itself was a little creepy and downright sad. You have this successful woman who just wanted to be loved but then she just got conned and schemed. It’s disgusting that some people live this way. I hope everyone watches this show and realizes their true worth.

ps. There’s also a podcast of this show where you get to hear from the real people involved in the story.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty //☆☆☆☆

I dropped this TV show after watching ten episodes. I was waiting for the good stuff, you know, the lesson it was trying to teach. However, after watching ten episodes, I just couldn’t find it. I wished the parents or maybe even just the minor characters in the show would tell the leading lady that even if she was ugly before it didn’t matter if she only loved herself more. Of course, we have to put into consideration the amount of mental and emotional stress the leading lady got while growing up but in general, I felt I just didn’t like the story too much.

Maybe I couldn’t relate to it too much that’s why I’m giving it such a low score or maybe I’m just dissatisfied because I was hoping for a lesson to the viewers that you don’t need to look pretty to be happy. Anyway, I didn’t like it and I was hoping for more given it was tackling such a controversial topic.

W //★★★☆☆ 

Overall, the story was not that appealing to me. I knew what I was getting myself into (an unrealistic drama) but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. It had a lot of nice moments but I just didn’t like it. It was very average. The only redeeming quality was Lee Jong Suk. ❤

Queer Eye Season 3 //★★★☆ 

This season of queer eye is my favorite. I love the stories and how heart warming they were. I’d find myself wanting to cry sometimes because of how each story was portrayed. The guys make it a point to transform lives and not just moments. My favorite were the Jones sisters! ❤ You can really see how hardworking they were. They are gems and I wish I could buy their hot sauce.

Homeland Season 7 //★★★☆☆ 

I can’t believe I’ve been watching Carrie and Saul for seven seasons. Unfortunately, this season is the worst for me. Maybe because I’m looking at Homeland with a mature set of eyes (compared to years ago) and I can now see how messed up everything is. I hate what happened to Carrie this season. She obviously has massive PTSD (on top of her being bipolar) but she can’t even focus on herself because of her patriotism. I wonder how many people are actually like this – made their jobs their lives – that they just end up being victims in the end?

Have you watched any of the shows I’ve reviewed? Do we have the same thoughts? If you have recommendations, let me know! I’d prefer if it was on Netflix, lol.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by! I watched all these shows on Netflix – although I believe the shows are different depending on the country 🙂


      1. Sobrang magkaiba tayo ng bet sa kdrama, ate but I want to recommend Reply 1988 (if you havent yet), Hello My Twenties, Sky Castle, or Miss. Hammurabi. I really loved the message of Because This Is My First Life, and I know a lot of people loving My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. Hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ibang iba nga tayo!!!! Hahaha bakit mo/niyo gusto? Iniisip ko nga minsan baka dahil sa subs na nakukuha ko kaya hindi ko bet yung isang show huhu

        Liked by 1 person

      3. hmmm nabasa mo na review ko nito, and those are basically the reasons why I love it. hahahaha I just really really love the concept of time and how we created it to give order, sure, but it also gives pressure if you get me ahaha pros and cons. here, we saw how Ji Ho was still struggling with her career (cant even find a decent home with cheap rent) eventho at that age we’re ‘supposed’ to be at least have some sense of stabiliy? and sobrang dreamer ni Ji Ho kaso ‘reality sucks’ kaya minsan kakainin ka na lang talaga ng realidad hahahaha while Se Hee has a home nga pero he’s basically paying for it his whole life na andun na lang focus niya at sa pusa niya lol he’s so stiff it’s both funny and frustrating. opposite situations – the contrast sa pairs. ung other two pairs, they have different circumstances but basically going thru the same thing, yung isa ayaw ng kasal, yung isa gusto. so yun how much are you willing to compromise? idk i love it, too many external and internal conflicts. tapos before I watched this, a friend told me once why she keeps taking picture of the sky, same spot, same time. ‘It is never the same sky.’ it’s like the concept of this drama na ‘It’s not like you know all about today just because you lived yesterday.’ i just feel like it’s telling us that everyday is a new day? like it’s okay to start again idk ang haba na nito 😂😂 tsaka ung “Even if you’ve seen the sea before, it’s your first time to see it today.” it’s like telling us not to take the day to day life for granted becuase it’s your first life hehehehe sobrang ganda ng book references din ugh okay done tama na talaga hahahahaha papanoorin ko pa ung gangnam beauty let’s see 😂

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